How Google will be the Future of Cars

If you are thinking about what the future of cars is going to be many peoples minds go to a few inevitable concepts. That is that cars will be self driving that cars will be all electric in a network with all other cars. So to put it bluntly, cars of the future are going to be largely computer dependent. When you think of who is posed to have the greatest resources in this regard one name comes to mind: Google. Not only do they have the infrastructure that far exceeds anyone else, their maps application is the standard and envy of the world, if cars are going to be in a network as we assume they will be, Google is the best positioned to actually deliver this. 

Where Google is lacking however is in their ability to manufacture on a large scale. Much of their value exists as a kind of intellectual property that exists only in the cloud. if they are going to make the next leap they need to invest and invest in a big way when it comes to the nuts and bolts of the industry.

An alternate route that is being considered is that they could become the stand for software in this industry. Essentially, they want to be standard for the industry much the same way Microsoft office is. To the extent that no matter what computer you have whether its Apple or HP no matter the case you probably have Microsoft Word and Spreadsheets. This is likely going to be the case considering how they are already poised to take this roll as the assumed position of their search engines superiority. 

Still this is not all that they want to do and if they want to get serious and fast about this a partnership may be the best course of action. They already have one with Fiat but this is not going to be enough, the reason they hopped on is that they had really nothing to loose and it was a great deal for them. Its not so much a partnership. What some have suggested but no one has really taken too seriously until now is that combine forces with Tesla Motors and position themselves to be far and away the new standard of automobiles. This is a testy proposition and there is a lot of posturing taking place right now, but there is hope it may happen.

The reason being is that both companies hold themselves to a kind of lens of the future that judges their impact on a century from now. If they want to change the world and change it fast then they were made for each other. This is a partner ship that would truly be mutually beneficial and would make them over night the car of the future in the minds of most Americans. Both of them are disruptive companies, so if they want to change the game they should leave the current auto makers in the dust and strive for a brighter future.

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