Hands Free Driving Advances into the Present

Since the dawn of time there have been epochs of technology that have come and gone that have been understood in relation to their use by our hands. It is by far the most vital part of our daily experience of the world and the devices we fill it with. However, all of this could be changing in the coming years and the big player in this arena is going to be voice, anesthetic and visual controls to make the integration to a more technology existence even that much easier. In many ways there has been a trend in the tech industry and work in general where the majority of consumers time and time again are demanding that things become more ergonomic and favorable for their body to do for hours on end a day. Unfortunately there is only so much that can be done within the frame work of our existing infrastructure and way we access and interact with our tools and work spaces today. Essentially we are operating within a context of a poor starting point, and in order to change this to be a more fundamentally beneficial human en-devour. 

This is a very exciting time for most markets but none more so than what we hope to be the case for our automobiles and personal transportation. This trend is already well underway with auto makers such as Tesla, Mercedes, and BMW to name a few of the big hitters. But even companies that are usually pretty technologically unimpressive like Jeep or Fiat are also taking a page from this book and are doing some exciting things in this arena that is going to get us to consider what we are going to do in the future and what the role of the driver will be in the mid to late 21st century. It will probably not take that long however, and many experts expect that there is going to be a fundamental infrastructure and car over haul before decades end. A driving force of how this is going to happen is already being seen in the ride sharing arena of Lyft and Uber. Both companies have made it abundantly clear that the future of their company is going to be driver less. They are on the verge of phasing out their drivers in the amount of time it will take for this to become common place we can imagine that will follow suite. This is going to have huge implications to the notion of car ownership and many of the big players are already aware of this such as GM and Fiat-Chrysler who are pouring huge sums of money to be ahead of the curve here, because this is going to be the way of the future and everyone in the know, knows it. Insurance companies are still a puzzling thing in this regard, because they are becoming an obsolete service, however given their reach and influence they aren’t going to just disappear over night. The rest is silence.

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