Germany Looks to Require Black Boxes for Self Driving Cars

As we’ve all seen in this recent week and Tesla’s hickup with their self driving technology which resulted in the death of an individual, the debate surround the technology is hotter than ever. It may be a little while as a result of this until everyone or at least enough people are okay with these things on the road in a large scale way. Lets not forget that roads a public service and they are not the Elon Musk’s and Googles little personal playgrounds and often times we loose sight of that. As we know we are going to be a way until cars can get you from point A to point B without any human intervention now you are expected to be a vigil driver behind the wheel. It is interesting that it is not just the heads of industry that are pushing for these technologies today, it is also the case that the United States government is really gung-ho to get these bad boys into production before 2020. However, this is not how every government of the world feels about technology and is not meeting it with as open of arms as the Yankees. Over across the pond the Germans the country’s transport ministry has issued a proposal that they would allow for the drivers of autonomous vehicles to relax their guard, at least in principle. They will have to remain seated behind the controls according to the Germans, so we don’t expect the chairs that swivel out of the way in Germany quite yet, in fact, there will have to be an on board data recorders that log the cars autonomous behavior and dumps it into a standardized national data base. This is interesting because there is seemingly a straight forward kind of safety feature, however, if we look a little closer we can see that there may be security implications that and privacy. Never before has there been  a thing on record that says that this is anything on this scale in terms of citizen surveillance,  other than the United States data collection, but they don’t admit to that so what’re you gonna do. 

There is arguably, Tesla has been able to show the way in this regard. The company’s electric vehicles are all continually in communication with the companies servers, and it is this that they are not afraid to pull data logs in the event of a crash in order to potentially determine what is exactly the state of the car in the moment of its demise. This is not unexpected when we consider the Germans and their history with autos and safety requirements. This is a country that does not allow cars to have cup holders in them because a driver who has a drink, any kind of drink is a distracted driver. Moreover, the autobahn is anything goes, and you can expect that at those speeds they are not quite ready to trust Tesla motors and their luck warm sense of confidence in their new products.

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