A Look at the 2017 Bolt

General motors has been on an absolute tare trying to be aggressive and launch the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV into production as soon as humanly possible. This is coming after their unveiling of the version they want to put out that is set to get 200 miles per charge for this recent Auto Show in Detroit. As early as last March the Bolt has been in pilot production and it may not be long at all, perhaps a matter of weeks or even days for that matter, before they push things in to over drive and set up to full scale production.

That Start time has been cited in the past, and has been following a time line almost to a T. This is a really good sign because it is saying from GM that they know their plan very well, there have been no hiccups, so they clearly understand the technology they are working with unlike other competitors in this field like Farraday Futures, Moreover, they are sticking to it and have a well oiled machine behind these cars and the man power that would make Elon Musk supremely delirious.

This is because Telsa has said that they do not plan to state Model 3 production (the Bolts direct completion) until as late as the second half of next year, and the Nissan isn’t expected to launch the Leaft until 2018 model year. Those cars would be leased or rented to drivers while regular buyers will pay a base of $37,500 for the Bolt EV. This is very special as well considering what their play is in the future I’m talking about General Motors when you consider their partnership with Lyft. Not only are they on the from edge of the curve when it comes to the technology of autonomous driving but they are also on the front of the curve when it comes to electric cars. It is very likely going to be the case that these Bolts end up being the face of General Motors ride sharing service and thus the face of autonomous vehicles and electric vehicles in general. The world may not know it yet but it is the Bolt not the Model 3 that is going to be the face of the future of driving. The Bolts success is not only a win over Ford and Uber it is going to be seen as a major boost within the world market in general. They are so close to pulling off the near impossible and being catapulted to this number one spot that they are going to potentially become the number one selling car in the world. This is good news for the American auto industry, it is good for Detroit, and more importantly it is going to be good for the environment in general. This little car could actually start to do some serious good in regards to the worlds carbon emissions if it is able to put up the numbers many are thinking it will. And by taking them off sooner rather than later we are going to have a better shot going into the next decade.

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